Company Secretarial

Company Secretary

From HKD 2,900/year

1 director: HKD 2,900
2 directors: HKD 3,500
3 directors: HKD 3,800

Transparent and all-inclusive pricing – one-time fee covering all Hong Kong company incorporation and registration needs

Subscribe to one annual service and get unlimited access to following services:


Act as company secretary


Prepare and file the company’s Annual Returns


Prepare and submit necessary documents related to appointment / resignation and change of information of directors and company secretary (limited to ONE director/secretary changes)


Prepare and submit of necessary documents related to change of company registered address (once a year)


Keep and update company’s statutory records and significant controller register(SCR)


Prepare annual general meeting documents

* Note:

(1) service fee includes the preparation of company’s internal documents and the required external documents for submission to HKSAR government, but excluding government charges and applicable taxes

(2) service fee is based upon the degree of responsibility, complexity, nature and the time necessarily occupied on the work and is subject to change for complex engagements

Apart from the above stated service plan, we also provide non-package company secretary services as below:

Service Basic Fee
Share allotment HKD 2,000 / allotment
Transfer of shares (exclude audit report and financial statement fee) HKD 2,500 / transfer
Appointment/resignation/change of director/secretary HKD 1,500/ appointment
Acting as Designated Representative at SCR HKD 1,500/ year
Change in particulars of director and secretary HKD 700 / change
Change of company’s name HKD 2,500
Change of company’s registered address HKD 1,000
Change of Article of Association HKD 4,000


Registered Office 

HKD 3,500 /year

Company shall have a registered office in Hong Kong to which all communications and notices may be addressed. Our address can be used as company’s registered office.

Deregistration of Hong Kong Company

HKD 5,000

Every limited company is perpetually survived, thus if the company is not deregistered in accordance with the deregistration procedures of the Company Ordinance, the company lives and need to pay business registration fee and submit annual return every year. We provide following deregistration service:

  •  Prepare all deregistration documents
  • Apply for issuance of the “Notice of No Objection to a Company Being Deregistered” from Inland Revenue Department
  • Apply for deregistration of limited company from Company Registry

* Note: application for the issuance of the “Notice of No Objection to a Company Being Deregistered” from Inland Revenue Department may not be successful. The company may be requested to submit its audit report, profit tax return, business registration fee and annual return. The above charges do not include these services. They may be charged separately.


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